I am easy to forget everything. So I always stick some small pieces on the wall. And I always like making different works in the daily life as my collection of inspirations and instinct. I also stick Colin firth with his signature on the wall to encourage myself:)

I moved my working desk avoid to strong sunlight because of I am a morning people.

When I start to working, my desk become very messy…


I think I am more willing to follow my own path on my major. The most creative ideas comes from literatures, artist works and my observation in life. My favorite writer is CalvinoCarsten Rene Nielsen(I am so impressed about his work: House inspections) and Julio Cortázar. I am so appreciated for meeting with their works in my life. They change the way how to looking thinking to my own life and make my life getting colorful, imaginative and interesting.

0ffffcd72b1eaea25dfcaa1e55f74bdf Calvino

220px-cortazar2 Julio Cortázar

carsten Calvino



Peer Review

It is obvious that Tina Speece is a book person when you glance over her visual family tree. There are listed many awesome different style art works including a lot of comics and graphic novels. She likes reading comics with inclusive types and styles and tried to create her own reading comics. She is tasting details and thoughts in her own daily life, decode theme and connect them in some magic series. Some mad frustrated emotions turns warming and powerful meaning. Especially in one of her works Icarus.


These words fell freely close to the person and became a part of this visual work. Should a poetry must just compose of “words”? It must lose something. As she said she doesn’t mind when text becomes part of the scenes. Tina create more possibilities on words, words become not just the “words”.  Lettering becomes a very interesting element in her drawing. She designed the layout of the lettering to find suitable way to arrange them into visual work. She also probes many positive themes in her work with simple, clean lines and color that cross the culture insight. When our life is full of messy stuffs, it is more precious we can glance over our ordinary and plain life. We got more chance to think and find some ingenuities and philosophic meanings from her work and scan our old life. Viewers could see their own from her stories. She also uses different forms to tell different poetic stories. It reminds me of one of my favorite illustrator Eleanor Davis. I always remember what she said when I went to her lecture “Style is not the most important thing, I just find suitable style to my different short story.”


If you don’t have chance to know Tina directly, you can know her and see her in these works.




Just paint what I want to express, I paint different place on the paper at the same time,  then I make some connection with them intentionally or “accidentally”.

I tried many different methods and tools to paint.


Then I made two small projection test on it. The lines are shaking and changing.

I also want to try to make it by silkscreen printing.





This week, I started to try to paint bigger size work. I am so appreciated for Andrew’s help that he gave me a very long and wonderful watercolor paper. This is my first time to draw this kind of size. Before I confirm what my specific theme, I wanted to draw somethings by instinct or what I am interested in and solve some problems like color, form, lines. I don’t pay attention on composition just like my sketch journals. With time goes by, more and more tuitions and thinkings flash in my mind. I think as for this work, I found I like focusing on creating interesting and magic relationship and connections with human and nature. Today I did two tests on drawing in oder to show clearer meaning about it- Some green tress was squeeze by a shaking and transparent cube. A butterfly is living in a people’s body.